Friday, April 25, 2008

Should the church be political as Jim Wallis and liberal Christians proclaim?

The liberal Christians that are promoting a temporal physical political church speak often about social justice. I just wonder how they would answer the following questions……………..

1) Are the unborn babies killed by abortion being denied social justice?
2) Is it social justice to overtax hard working responsible people in order to provide benefits for physically and mentally healthy, but irresponsible slothful people?
3) Does #2 amount to state sanctioned theft?
4) Should America provide equal opportunity or equal outcome?
5) Does social justice need socialism to be implemented?
6) Does individual economic fairness mean economic equality for all?
7) Does the Bible teach a socialistic governmental system?
8) Did Jesus teach men have problems that have governmental solutions?
9) Is Jim Wallis right when he speaks of God’s politics?
10) Is the Jim Wallis vision of God’s politics and social justice nothing more than repackaged Marxist economics?

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