Thursday, May 1, 2008

Example of liberal theological elitism!

The following was found on the blog of a young liberal United Methodist pastor who agreed with this premise he had read in some stupid book:

"Most North American Christians assume that they have a right, if not an obligation, to read the Bible. I challenge that assumption. No task is more important than for the church to take the Bible out of the hands of individual Christians in North America. Let us no longer give the Bible to all children when they enter the third grade or whenever their assumed rise to Christian maturity is marked, such as eighth-grade commencements. Let us rather tell them and their parents that they are possessed by habits far too corrupt to read the Bible on their own.North American Christians are trained to believe that they are capable of reading the Bible without spiritual and moral transformation. They read the Bible not as Christians, not as people set apart, but as democratic citizens who think their "common sense" is sufficient for "understanding" the Scripture. They feel no need to stand under the authority of a truthful community to be told how to read. Instead they assume that they have the "religious experience" necessary to know what the Bible is about."

There you have it, liberal elites believe they and their institutions (church, government) must be in charge of taking care of all of us stupid people as only they know what is best for us……….Can you say arrogance! Arrogance, amen….

Bear in mind that this man, who thinks he should tell us what to think and believe, asserts a belief in many ways to God through other religious “traditions” along with other heresies. But, we just have to understand that he knows how to interpret the Bible and we don't.

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