Friday, April 25, 2008

Should the church be political as Jim Wallis and liberal Christians proclaim?

The liberal Christians that are promoting a temporal physical political church speak often about social justice. I just wonder how they would answer the following questions……………..

1) Are the unborn babies killed by abortion being denied social justice?
2) Is it social justice to overtax hard working responsible people in order to provide benefits for physically and mentally healthy, but irresponsible slothful people?
3) Does #2 amount to state sanctioned theft?
4) Should America provide equal opportunity or equal outcome?
5) Does social justice need socialism to be implemented?
6) Does individual economic fairness mean economic equality for all?
7) Does the Bible teach a socialistic governmental system?
8) Did Jesus teach men have problems that have governmental solutions?
9) Is Jim Wallis right when he speaks of God’s politics?
10) Is the Jim Wallis vision of God’s politics and social justice nothing more than repackaged Marxist economics?

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Conversation with atheist continued

The following statements occurred in an exchange I had with an atheist in a comment thread on a post about the recently released movie, “EXPELLED, No Intelligence Allowed.” I will show his statements in bold red followed by my answers. His comments were in response to a comment of mine so I will give background where necessary. Also, the only supreme being that I recognize or will defend is the triune Christian God of the Old and New Testaments.

Also, we don’t know that matter/energy came into existence from nothing; they may have always existed in some form.

Since something coming from nothing apart from any outside cause is nonsense, this is the only possibility. Something must have the power of self-existence and being in and of itself. Either matter/energy has had an eternal self-existence or some form of intelligent being is eternally self-existent.

About ten or so years ago scientists concluded that the expanding universe will continue to expand and will in time burn out much like a candle. This expanding and dying universe points to a beginning. If the matter/energy of the universe were eternal then this end would have already happened. This also point to a beginning. Scientists refer to this beginning as the big bang. Therefore, the matter/energy of the universe had a beginning. Since it is nonsense to assert that matter/energy came from nothing without a cause, which leaves the possibility of the universe beginning without an uncaused cause (supreme being) about as close to impossible as you can get.

Your assertion that a lack of belief in the existence of something for which there is no evidence is equivalent to the belief in something for which there is no evidence is absurd.

While the Christian religion requires faith, it is not without evidence. You may discount all the evidence without considering the claims, but it is there and many believe it nonetheless. The following is a list of some of the evidence that certainly enhances faith:

1) Historical record of the nation of Israel from Old Testament writings spanning over a thousand years.

2) Archeological verification of Old Testament history.

3) Many Old Testament prophecies of Jesus Christ that were fulfilled by the historical Jesus.

4) New Testament gospels and epistles written by eyewitnesses of the miracles and resurrection of Jesus.

5) The resurrection of Jesus with over 500 witnesses who saw him after the event.

6) The New Testament gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts that were written by Dr. Luke who asserts that he made careful investigation with eyewitnesses of things he wrote about.

7) The fact that the 11 Apostles that were frightened to death shortly after the execution of Jesus suddenly became emboldened and started the Church in spite of persecution and ultimately execution for all but one them. Perhaps one or two people would be so deluded as to be persecuted and die for a lie, but it seems they have a strong case for their writings.

8) Saul of Tarsus. His change from persecutor of Christians to leading spokesman due to his Road to Damascus experience is compelling.

9) Time measured in BC and AD referring to the life of Jesus

Therefore, your assertion is incorrect when you state there is no evidence. There is plenty of evidence

The point of the movie is to make money by mischaracterizing scientists, spinning recent events in academia, and trotting out long-refuted absurdities that make select movie-goers feel good about their philosophical commitments………… To that, I say that if these clowns were genuinely concerned about truth, they could have spent the time and energy to educate themselves about matters in which they are profoundly ignorant, instead of making a movie that supported their naive and uniformed beliefs.

Slander and personal attacks are a characteristic of debating tactics from the left. Although I don’t know for sure, I would guess that you are liberal in your politics and world-view. If so you are resorting to one of their favorite tactics rather than stick to the issues.

Despite immense evidence for evolution and none for any gods, people stubbornly cling to their unsupported belief systems, and accuse others of close-mindedness or stifling debate or even oppression.

The debate here is not about the evidence for evolution, but is about the possibility that intelligent design may be at work in the origin of the species. Since a non-intelligent design evolution cannot even offer a theory on how life began from non-life, I would think the possibility of intelligent design being the cause would at least be worthy of investigation. Instead, the Darwinists will not even allow this to be investigated. As I pointed out earlier, the evidence for the Christian God of the Bible is considerable, yet you and the Darwinists say there is none whatsoever. From a scientific standpoint this is not about clinging to a belief system. It is about allowing scientists to consider and attempt to prove I.D. without being fired and black-balled. Firing proponents of I.D. has been a matter of public record for many years and to deny this is rather disingenuous. The current PC policy on I.D. is no debate allowed and you know it. A close similarity can be seen in the man made global warming hysteria debate where Al Gore and many others have arrogantly declared, “The debate is over.” Do you really expect objective discerning people not to notice this kind of manipulation, coercion, and propaganda?

On the subject of man made global warming you said….. Evidence determines the consensus; not the other way around. What motivation do scientists have for suppressing or ignoring evidence?

It should work that way, but in the global warming debate I have seen and can prove that data manipulation and propaganda from the news media has been used to drive public opinion and consensus. Time Magazine’s latest cover has a green simulation of the flag raising of Iwo Jima of soldiers pushing up a tree. Time also had a cover with eggs frying on pavement. Of course 30 years ago during a cooling period they were warning of the coming ice age. Glacier calving in Glacier Bay National Park was used by CNN as evidence of global warming the very week I visited that Park and read in their brochure where the glaciers had receded 50 or so miles from the late 1700’s to around 1870. Check out on their website. The world started coming out of a little ice age about 200-300 years ago. The earth has been in a warming trend since then. Prior to the little ice age people were farming in Iceland, but they were forced to leave during this cooling period. Factors such as the Sun burning hotter in last ten or so years (check it out with google) has also had an effect. There are also mini cooling and warming cycles. You say that science has really improved since they were warning of cooling in the seventies. Really, how can you be so sure with so many scientists saying that our CO2 contributions are insignificant.

Surely you can see some motivation for suppressing, ignoring and spinning evidence when huge amounts of money for grants are at stake and it is well documented that those who do question the consensus lose grant money and come under much criticism and political pressure.

Example: - The political climate isn't good for scientists with dissenting views on global warming, leaving some researchers to fear that honest research could be blackballed in favor of promoting a "consensus" view. A dispute erupted this week in Oregon, where Gov. Ted Kulongoski is considering firing the state's climatologist George Taylor, who has said human activity isn't the chief cause of global climate change.

I even heard global warming activists blame the unseasonably cold weather of April 07 on global warming.

I could go on with more examples and evidence, but you get idea.

In closing the movie "EXPELLED" is not about promoting I.D. as it is about showing the intimidation and tactics used to shut down any attempt to investigate I.D. If evolution were a ten story building it would have no foundation and no first floor. It would be held up by cranes and cables. You would think that the owner of such a building would be eager to build a foundation and a first floor.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dawkins admits he doesn't know how life came from non-life

In the movie “Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed” Richard Dawkins admits that he does not know how life came from non-life. He even speculated that life on planet earth could have been seeded by intelligent aliens from outer space. He and all Darwin atheists are quite simply basing their atheism on faith without knowledge. In asserting that life came from non-life without a creator, they are discounting a possible answer. Worse still, they are rejecting a possible answer without the data or proof to do so. If that were not enough, they want to discredit and censor anyone who wants to consider the possibility of intelligent design.

The bottom line is that Darwin based atheism is a faith based belief system without any scientific proof that seeks to limit scientific investigation. They have been very successful in that objective in the United States.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Earth Day Church

The environmental activists are pushing their propaganda world wide. Their movement has all the characteristics of a religion. The following is directly from their website:

Our mission is to grow and diversify the environmental movement worldwide, and to mobilize it as the most effective vehicle for promoting a healthy, sustainable planet. We pursue our mission through education, politics, events, and consumer activism. .........

Join the Educators' Network
Earth Day Network's Environmental Education Program is one of the most innovative and successful in the U.S., providing tools for integrating environmental issues into core curriculum subjects to teachers and students at all grade levels, as well as for other non-classroom educators. Earth Day Network provides games, interactive quizzes, and a variety of other fun and informative ways to learn about the environment. Register with our Educators' Network and enjoy the following:

Resources that promote civic education, engagement, and responsibility
Five editions of Environmental Jeopardy
Monthly lesson plans conforming to state standards and tested by your fellow educators
Ideas for celebrating Earth Day and engaging your students in local community issues
Access to a network of dedicated environmental educators

Through Earth Day Network, activists connect, interact, and impact their communities, and create positive change in local, national, and global policies.

See for yourself at Earth Day Network

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

The church of Darwin

The church of Darwin's ten commandments

1) Thou shalt have no other theories before mine.

2) Thou shalt not allow any books with any other theories in thy schools. Such books shalt be banned and teachers that teach or mention any other theories shalt be fired.

3) Thou shalt not take evolutionary theory in vain or make fun of Darwinism by making fun of humans evolving from monkeys.

4) Remember Charles Darwin day on February 12 and keep it relevant. For billions and billions of years life evolved on planet earth through natural selection and mutations. Remember Darwin day and honor his legacy through global celebrations and propaganda.

5) Honor others that follow after Darwin such as Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, and elite humanists world-wide. Also, honor your parents if they believe Darwin theory.

6) Thou shalt not be restrained from engaging in any sexual behavior between consenting people and adultery is just a fundamentalist religious concept with no meaning.

7) Thou shalt not kill, unless elite Darwin humanists authorize it in such cases as abortion.

8) Thou shalt not steal unless elite humanist socialists authorize it to redistribute wealth and further Darwin policy.

9) Thou shalt not bear false witness unless it is done to promote the objectives of elitist government officials. Propaganda based on lies is acceptable to promote politically correct objectives such as Darwinism and global warming hysteria.

10) Covet anything you want and carry your desires to the elite humanists government officials who will place you in a waiting line and decide the merits of your case in a week or perhaps a year or two.

The church of Darwin is building a new cathedral of nine floors consisting of 2 through 10. The foundation and first floor will be added later when elite cosmetologists devise a theory for the origin of matter/energy. Until the foundation and first floor are built, ya'll be careful now ye hear!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Teens and lewd cell phone photos

On a recent news show the host reported that young teens were caught sending nude photos of themselves over cell phones to their boy friends and girl friends. Amazingly, they zeroed in on technology as being the problem. There was not any mention of the parents or school official’s failure to teach ethical standards as being a cause for the problem. Their consensus seemed to be that technology was the reason that this has become widespread in America today.

In the same week, another story was reported where a group of third graders were caught before carrying out a plot to kill their third grade teacher. One of the third graders was caught with a steak knife. About nine students were involved and other items were brought such a duct tape, handcuffs, etc. Students were assigned different tasks including cleaning up the blood. It is not clear if anyone has yet blamed the steak knives or duct tape, but it is still early and in our society where everyone is a victim, who knows what will happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if the duct tape company were not sued.

There is a common problem in both of these two cases. It is not cell phones, technology, or duct tape. The problem is obvious and results are predictable. The Bible clearly shows that human beings are not born basically good. Without parental and adult oversight and guidance, children will adopt unhealthy and destructive behavior. Too many young people in America are being deprived of adult supervision and discipline. The results are predictable as we are seeing more and more violence, and lewd behavior in our society.

So-called experts are going so far as to claim that low self-esteem is the problem, when the exact opposite is at work in America today. People in general and youth in particular have an extremely inflated self-esteem and it is a problem that will get worse unless addressed.

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