Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dawkins admits he doesn't know how life came from non-life

In the movie “Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed” Richard Dawkins admits that he does not know how life came from non-life. He even speculated that life on planet earth could have been seeded by intelligent aliens from outer space. He and all Darwin atheists are quite simply basing their atheism on faith without knowledge. In asserting that life came from non-life without a creator, they are discounting a possible answer. Worse still, they are rejecting a possible answer without the data or proof to do so. If that were not enough, they want to discredit and censor anyone who wants to consider the possibility of intelligent design.

The bottom line is that Darwin based atheism is a faith based belief system without any scientific proof that seeks to limit scientific investigation. They have been very successful in that objective in the United States.

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