Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Earth Day Church

The environmental activists are pushing their propaganda world wide. Their movement has all the characteristics of a religion. The following is directly from their website:

Our mission is to grow and diversify the environmental movement worldwide, and to mobilize it as the most effective vehicle for promoting a healthy, sustainable planet. We pursue our mission through education, politics, events, and consumer activism. .........

Join the Educators' Network
Earth Day Network's Environmental Education Program is one of the most innovative and successful in the U.S., providing tools for integrating environmental issues into core curriculum subjects to teachers and students at all grade levels, as well as for other non-classroom educators. Earth Day Network provides games, interactive quizzes, and a variety of other fun and informative ways to learn about the environment. Register with our Educators' Network and enjoy the following:

Resources that promote civic education, engagement, and responsibility
Five editions of Environmental Jeopardy
Monthly lesson plans conforming to state standards and tested by your fellow educators
Ideas for celebrating Earth Day and engaging your students in local community issues
Access to a network of dedicated environmental educators

Through Earth Day Network, activists connect, interact, and impact their communities, and create positive change in local, national, and global policies.

See for yourself at Earth Day Network

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Phillip said...

Druids. Nothing is new under the sun.

jazzycat said...

Thanks Phillip for the visit.