Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Teens and lewd cell phone photos

On a recent news show the host reported that young teens were caught sending nude photos of themselves over cell phones to their boy friends and girl friends. Amazingly, they zeroed in on technology as being the problem. There was not any mention of the parents or school official’s failure to teach ethical standards as being a cause for the problem. Their consensus seemed to be that technology was the reason that this has become widespread in America today.

In the same week, another story was reported where a group of third graders were caught before carrying out a plot to kill their third grade teacher. One of the third graders was caught with a steak knife. About nine students were involved and other items were brought such a duct tape, handcuffs, etc. Students were assigned different tasks including cleaning up the blood. It is not clear if anyone has yet blamed the steak knives or duct tape, but it is still early and in our society where everyone is a victim, who knows what will happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if the duct tape company were not sued.

There is a common problem in both of these two cases. It is not cell phones, technology, or duct tape. The problem is obvious and results are predictable. The Bible clearly shows that human beings are not born basically good. Without parental and adult oversight and guidance, children will adopt unhealthy and destructive behavior. Too many young people in America are being deprived of adult supervision and discipline. The results are predictable as we are seeing more and more violence, and lewd behavior in our society.

So-called experts are going so far as to claim that low self-esteem is the problem, when the exact opposite is at work in America today. People in general and youth in particular have an extremely inflated self-esteem and it is a problem that will get worse unless addressed.

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