Monday, July 27, 2009

The Fine Print of Government Run Health Care

I received the following from a friend:

Today, July 22, 2009, there are two massive government mandated healthcare bills working their way through both houses of Congress. Both bills have miles to go before they sleep or are passed. Then they have to be reconciled into one bill and voted on by the House and Senate. The president says he wants that to be done before the end of August. Yes,that means this August! Each passing day makes that seem unlikely. But wemust stay informed.

It would seem that few in Washington have read the bills and, if past history is any indication, few members of Congress will have read them before that final vote. So you and I can be ahead of Washington. We can learn about them now.

In the July 17, 2009 edition of the New York Post, we learn that Betsy McCaughey has read them both, the House and the Senate version. It is worth a few minutes of our time to become familiar with what may be coming.

First, who is Betsy McCaughey? She is not a journalist or a columnist. She is the founder of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths. She is also a former lieutenant governor of the state of New York. What follows is my understanding of what she found while reading the pending bills. For example, if you have a health plan that you like and want to keep....too bad. You can't keep it. Each plan now under construction (theHouse plan and the Senate's) will create a bureaucracy that will select(read that "choose for you") health plans that the government considers to be "in your best interest". You will have to enroll in one of these plans. (Don't you just love it when the government says it really knowswhat you need so much better than you do?). Now the reason you hear that you CAN keep your plan is that there may be a period of up to five years before you will be forced into a government plan. If your health plan is from where you work, your employer has up to five years to move you intoa "qualified" plan. If you are choosing and paying for your own plan, you may have less time. Here is why. If and when there is any change to your private plan, such as a change in co-pays, or deductibles, things that often change each the time of the very next change in your private plan you will be moved into a "qualified" plan. You can read that on pages 16-17 of the House bill.

When you file your taxes, you will have to prove to the IRS that your health insurance is, indeed, a qualified plan. If you cannot prove that, you may be fined a lot of money, up to the amount of a full year'spremium for a family of your size. And then, after the fine, you will be moved into a plan that is selected at random. You can read that on pages 167 and 168 of the House bill. The Senate bill also has a surprise or two for those who are choosing and paying for their own health insurance. It also applies to those who work for a company that is paying the premiums for you as a part of your benefits package. You will be changed from your plan (your company's plan) and placed into a qualified plan. You can read that on pages 57 and 58 of the Senate bill.

The House bill says on page 137 that the government will help you pay the premiums for the new qualified plan that you are forced into. To get that financial aid, your household income must be below $88,000 per year. If your household makes more than that...well, you are on your own, no matter how high the premiums go. And speaking of money, the Congressional Budget Office puts the price tag on this new government mandated healthcare plan at one and a half trillion (that's with a T) dollars. One half of that will come from a new income tax on families earning $280,000 or more. That income tax would double in 2012. The other half of the cost would come from reducing and eliminating fraud from Medicare and cutting Medicare benefits for Seniors. Just a thought...when was the last time you remember a government program that was cleaned up of all fraud and made to be efficient and cost effective? You can read some of these details on page 199 of the House bill.

Speaking of Senior Citizens, the House bill on pages 425-430 compels Seniors to submit to professional counseling every five years, or more often if they (we) get sick or move into a nursing home. Seniors will be counseled on "end-of-life" care. You (we) will be told such things as when you may or may not be permitted to receive antibiotics, nutrition,hydration and things that we used to take regularly, you know, medicines, food and water! Check out the House bill on pages 425-430.

The Senate bill allocates huge sums of money for "communitytransformation grants". This would pay for home visits for expectant mothers, services for migrant workers and the creation of dozens of councils, programs and advisory boards. The last 500 pages of the Senate bill probably have other surprises.

Betsy McCaughey has done us a favor by actually reading these bills and an even greater favor by telling us of her findings. In her New York Post article (July 17, 2009), she also informs us that the most recent ABCNews/Washington Post poll (June 21, 2009) finds that 83% of us Americans are satisfied with the quality of our health care and 81% of us are satisfied with our health insurance. And there is good reason. The WorldHealth Organization said that the good old U.S. of A. ranks number 1 out of 191 countries for being responsive to patient's needs. The WHO also said that America is number 1 in providing timely treatments and a choiceof doctors.

Another poll reported on July 21, 2009 in an American Heritage Foundation article measured the American public's trust in Obama's handling of our health care. Fifty percent (50%) said they did not trust the president on health care. So, on Monday, July 20, 2009, Obama got on the telephone for a Conference Call to a group that the Heritage Foundation described as"liberal, left-wing bloggers". For about 25 minutes Obama asked for their help. Here is a transcript of one of his remarks:

"It is important just to keep the pressure on members of Congress because what happens is there is a default position of inertia here inWashington. And pushing against that, making sure that people feel that the desperation that ordinary families are feeling all across the country, every single day, when they are worrying about whether they can pay their premiums or not...People have to feel that in a visceral way.And you guys can help deliver that better than just about anybody".

Is it just me or do you hear Saul Alinsky's voice and techniques? It was during that conference call that a blogger from Maine said he had read an article in Investors Business Daily that claimed Section 102 of the House bill for health reform would outlaw private insurance. He asked, "Is this true? Will people be able to keep their insurance and will insurers be able to write new policies even though HR3200 is passed?" Obama replied,"You know, I have to say that I am not familiar with the provision you are talking about."

In that same conversation with his left-wing fans, Obama did not rule out"parliamentary maneuvers" in the event that he discovered he did not have 60 votes in the Senate to pass the bill. Does that mean an "end around" run...say, attaching the bill to a budget bill that could not be changed and had to be voted up or other words, a vote on something else that would automatically get the health care reform bill passed without debate?

So, we have come back to where we started. You and I may know more about the two bills now being crafted than the president or Congress. Since we do know, why not tell others. Let's share this. It isn't is a report carefully documented and others may be interested. Doris and I have asked our two Senators to vote NO on whatever bill comes down, if one does. We are asking for common sense and sanity to be returned toAmerica, our country. Help us do that! We are also praying for America. We are praying that the wisdom of God, the Hand of God, the power of God through His Holy Spirit would fall on Washington and bring reason and are turn to our founding roots of ethics and morality. Our rule of law was founded on God's Law. No other man-made rules have worked or ever will. If you know people who would not be offended or threatened by these words, please forward this to them.

God bless you for reading this. And, we pray, may God bless America.

Sweet Jazzy Cat

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bottom line of election

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Tax Consumers defeat taxpayers!

Big losers: Our freedom, liberty and unborn babies!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Donate now

To donate to the National Republican Trust PAC, which will be running T.V. spots showing Obama's racist anti-American pastor, go to:

Obviously time is important..........

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The real Obama problem with Bill Ayers

Obama’s claims that since he was eight years old when Bill Ayers was involved in terrorist activity. This is supposed to somehow make his very recent relationship with Ayers O.K. The problem with that is Bill Ayers became a terrorist because of extremely radical anti-American political views, and these political views of Ayers have not changed as he has said that he wished they had done more. He has even been photographed standing on a wadded up American flag to demonstrate his contempt for America as we all know and love it today. These things have happened after his relationship started with Obama and obviously Obama has not been eight years old for a long time. Thus, the 8 year old argument totally misses the mark as a defense for his Bill Ayers relationship.

The huge problem for Obama is what did an extreme left wing radical (Bill Ayers) see in Obama when he hosted an event in his home to launch Obama’s run for the state senate of Illinois? Are we to believe that Ayers was supporting someone who did not share his extreme left wing views? Are we to believe that Obama did not have a clue about the extreme leftist anti-American views of Ayers? Does the eight year old smoke screen help explain this connection? Obama also worked with Ayers and served on the same board of directors. Obama was chosen by Ayers to disburse money from a foundation to promote radical education policies. Does the ole eight year old argument when Ayers was engaged in criminal activity sanitize Obama’s relationship with a man who has not changed any of his radical anti-American Marxist views?Obama’s problem with Ayers does not have anything to do with being eight years old when Ayers was engaged in terrorism.

Obama’s problem with Ayers concerns his relationship when he was in his thirties and forties because Ayers is the same despicable anti-American now that he was forty years ago.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Jazzycat Institute for Guilt Free Mental Health is proud to announce the formation of the Jazzycat Institute for Advanced Governmental Resources Allocation. We are calling our new Institute JIAGRA for short. JIAGRA is the brain child of the liberal leaning partners of the Jazzycat Institute for Guilt Free Mental Health. Go to Best of Jazzycat in the right sidebar and click on Jazzycat Carbon Credits for more information on this mental health think tank.

After intensive study, the liberal partners determined that mental health was only part of what the whole person needed to cope in this post-modern secular culture. What good is mental health if a person does not have physical well-being as well? JIAGRA is the result of inspiration received when presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s idea for free health insurance and $5000.00 for every child born in the United States became news. JIAGRA simply took the Clinton idea to the next level. Thus, JIAGRA sought to devise ways that work, responsibility, effort, and the boring burdens of having to provide for oneself could be removed in our lifetime for the loyal activist special interest groups that have, for decades, faithfully petitioned for ever increasing government aid. We think good mental health would result from government provided benefits such as food, shelter, health care, personal transportation, and spending money and that the time has come when this brave new world can be implemented. Although the abilities and efforts of our citizens cannot be made equal, we can certainly insure that their outcomes can be equalized. After all, slothfulness should not sentence a person to a life of reduced prosperity.

JIAGRA’s ultimate goal is to make every day like a day at Disney World for every citizen. While many of the troublesome details have not been worked out, the following is the basic plan that has been inspired by the Clinton democratic party philosophy of a government that cares:

(1) One hundred thousand dollars for every child born in America.

(2) Children will become eligible to decide in the second grade whether or not they want to pursue a career in the work force or simply retire to a guarantee of all of the benefits previously mentioned.

Note: The second grade was chosen because of the following statement by John Edwards in a Democrat debate: “I don’t want to make that decision on behalf of my children,” he said. “I want my children to be able to make that decision on behalf of themselves, and I want them to be exposed to all the information, even in — did you say second grade?” While not talking about early retirement, the concept of 2nd graders making their own decisions was firmly established by this comment.

(3) Second graders that opt for retirement will only have to participate in the school activities of their choosing and no performance judgments such as grades will be allowed during their school career. While they will be free to come and go as they please during academic classes, they will be required to attend government approved films and assembly programs to enhance their socialization and multi-culture sensitivity.

(4) Second graders who choose to pursue selfish goals of achievement through learning will be allowed to take English, math, history, and science courses rather than music, film appreciation, conflict resolution, and tolerance appreciation. These ambitious and motivated students will someday serve the state by providing the necessary services in the fields of engineering, business, medicine, science, etc. However, the state will have to monitor these people very carefully because they have historically had many undesirable traits. History has shown them to be greedy, tax evading, goal setting, highly focused people that are intolerant of diversity and judgmental of alternative unproductive life styles. Their efforts are necessary for the state, but they must not be allowed to think that their hard work and productivity merits them any greater rewards or worth than those that choose retirement in the second grade.

How will this innovative plan be paid for? Creative taxation and requests for assistance from the U.N. will be the key to providing the funding for this bold new plan that insures fairness for all. Indeed this new plan has brought so much excitement to liberals everywhere that JIAGRA has named it the “super duper great society.”

If you have high blood pressure, take heart medication and listen to Rush Limbaugh, please refrain from reading the fine print of this JIAGRA plan.

Sweet Jazzy Cat

Friday, May 30, 2008

New name for Obama's church?

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Obama's church shall now be referred to as The Trinity United Comedy Club. There is a new comedian in charge and guest comedians appear from time to time. The same group that used to be called a church family should now be called an audience. They are an audience that appreciates and wildly cheers the racist comedy of mocking professing Christians by their comedians who masquerade as pastors. Their facade of being a church has been exposed, but they are certainly an excellent comedy club that deals in racism and anti-American humor.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Yes, we can't

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Barack Obama said the following yesterday………

“We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK,"

Hmmm, we must seek the approval of other countries and if they don’t say O.K., we will have to give up our SUVs, go hungry, and give government power over our thermostats. I believe Kerry called this lunacy meeting the global test. Evidently in these people’s eyes we should submit to a coercive global government and reduce our prosperity to the world average to be kind and fair. Can you imagine the world-view one must have to make such a statement. Actually I can. It sounds like a statement that would come directly from a sermon by Obama's pastor, Jermiah Wright.

No, Mr. Obama! The solution is to bring freedom and capitalism to the rest of the world so they can raise their prosperity. Destroying the American economic system is not the answer. The danger of believing the manipulated global warming hysteria is displayed here for all to see.

WAKE UP AMERICA…………Let us not leave Sanitytown to follow these loons to Kooksville. Marxism does not work!