Friday, February 22, 2008

Me Too!

This week the youngest democratic super delegate made his decision on who he was going to cast his vote for at the democratic convention. It was not his choice that I found interesting, but it was the reason he gave for deciding to cast his vote for Obama. According to a CNN report, he said the major reason for his decision was because the overwhelming majority of young voters supported Obama.

This appears to be the state of American education and American post-modern thinking today. Wait for a consensus to form and follow it. The almost reverent praise that is given to people working together to “build a consensus” has become disgusting. Leadership is having the courage to discern the right thing and then doing it even if you are in a small minority or alone. Leadership is considering all views, but then making an independent decision based on ones own idea of what is correct for the given situation. “Consensus building” has been elevated to the highest virtue that a leader can have in our culture today. It has a lot of advantages in that it will always be a popular position since it is the majority view. It provides a person with a lot of cover when the consensus is proven wrong because the blame can be spread through the entire group. A person in such a pickle can go to the boss and say, “Sir, I know it didn’t work out but we were all in agreement.”

As bad as consensus building can be in the pursuit of excellence, it is even worse in the political sphere. It is nothing short of yielding to a cult-like mob rule.

Here you have it illustrated in living color as this youngest of all the democratic super delegates has made his decision based on what the mob wants!

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